Belisi Farm

belisi farm.jpg

Belisi, which means "peaceful man" in Tok Pisin.

When we purchased Belisi in 2007, it was operating as a small cattle farm. It had two large paddocks and two cattle yards. We named our farm Belisi, which means "peaceful man" in Tok Pisin - one of the three national languages of Papua New Guinea.

Since 2007 we have developed the infrastructure in a way that has allowed for the expansion of the business while providing the community with a unique service focusing on wellbeing. Two sand arenas, a round yard, holding yards and the riding school are just a few of the additions that have helped bring together the equestrian hub on the farm. Other additions to Belisi include a dam and an all purpose around the boundary of the farm providing a very peaceful zone for walking, running, bike riding and horse riding.

In 2015, we welcomed a group of year 12 students from Ascham School, who in under 24 hours planted what we call “The Ascham Forrest”, which consists of over 1,000 trees.

Belisi remains surrounded by large working farms, which ensures a peaceful environment and an undisturbed view of the countryside as far as the eye can see. Sitting at the top of the hill is the latest addition to Belisi – the first of our luxury farm stay cottages. The perfect city escape - a rural sanctuary that is an experience in itself.

From the cottage, you’re free to observe the happenings on the farm and we encourage you to become involved where possible, whether it be harvesting the Belisi vegetable garden, mulching trees or collecting the farm fresh eggs.

belisi farm map.png