Our Team


Jenni riethmuller

Since founding Belisi in 2011, I’ve lead it in new and exciting directions to ensure that we are maximising our potential providing unique services in the Riverina. With a background in tourism, I have thoroughly enjoyed working on the most recent project at Belisi - the Belisi Farmstay.

Having grown up around horses, I have a fond and longstanding connection to them and have more recently become fascinated by the proven emotional and psychological benefits horses have on humans. I’m an advocate for all things organic, healthy and active, which has largely influenced the direction of Belisi in terms of our staff, services and physical environment.


erika neo

Wellbeing Programs Manager as well as Equestrian Australia (EA) and Fédération Équestre Internationale (FEI) accredited Riding Coach, I have been riding for 25 years, and teaching for the last 11.

I work in tandem with psychologists, counsellors and carers to tailor Equine-assisted Wellbeing Plans for each individual that comes to us, offering a way forward and an opportunity to work through any issues, whatever they may be. Since 2018, the Belisi Wellbeing Program has grown to include participants from Bidgee School, Sunflower House and other disability services – And we have only continued to expand our reach in the Community.

Having previously created and run EQUAL-ARK (Equine Assisted Learning for At-Risk-Kids) and worked at Riding for Disabled Association Singapore, I also bridge individuals into the riding school and progress them at a pace they are comfortable with. This includes riding and jumping up to a 110cm.

Holding a dual portfolio means being able to offer lessons that are far more inclusive than the average riding school. Having experienced first-hand how such a flighty animal can also be the only thing that grounds you, I count myself as fortunate to be able to open these cathartic, holistic, warm experiences to others who may feel off-balance.


ruby riethmuller

Having witnessed the evolving nature of Belisi first hand, I look after the business strategy side of Belisi in terms of advertising, marketing and community engagement. My passion comes from being able to deliver a brand that accurately reflects the organisations values and offerings.

We aim to continue to develop a sense of community and generate exposure to markets outside the Riverina through providing such unique experiences.


Shae Meusburger

I have always had an unwavering passion for all things horses. I was the crazy kid who would canter around the playground instead of run and this passion has driven me to pursue an equestrian career. Throughout my time with horses I have competed in eventing, worked at riding schools, run my own boutique Agistment centre and bred Irish Sport Horses. This brings me to say how much I love that the Belisi Team has 2 resident Irish horses, Connemara ponies Flash and Dash!

I am very excited to be part of Team Belisi as a riding instructor and help build and grow the Wellbeing Program. Horses do wonderful things for your mind and heart and I feel very privileged that I can share this with a huge range of people. 


Caity Walker

I began coaching at Belisi in February 2019 and was welcomed by the team with open arms. I am passionate about instilling confidence in my students so that they can feel fulfilled and achieve their goals. 

I am originally from Newcastle on the coast, and I’ve been riding since I was 7 years old. I have two horses that live at Belisi, and I compete in dressage, show jumping and cross country. I love providing my students with tips and tricks for when they go out competing, as well as refining their skills for enjoying riding at home. 


grace daunt

More to come.


Zuzia Baran

I came across Belisi whilst searching for a paddock for my horse and I was absorbed by the relaxed and friendly environment. Currently completing a degree in equine science specialising in business management, having a place like Belisi so close to town has proved invaluable during my time as a student. With previous training in the hospitality sector, I’m now working at Belisi Farmstay as the housekeeping cleaner, preparing the beautiful cottage for our guests. I find great enjoyment and satisfaction in being able to provide a clean environment where visitors may experience a little bit of luxury comfort amongst the countryside setting.


nina riethmuller

At the young age of 4 when I got my first pony, Treeba, who is now a beloved favourite at the riding school, I fell in love with the joy horses bring to life. I have ridden regularly ever since and to this day I ride weekly on Duncan!

At the age of 13 - when I was taught to drive - I filled the job of being Belisi’s stable hand and feeding out every night. It is not only now my favourite part of the day but the best way to clear my mind, watch the sunset and snuggle with the ponies. I look forward to every evening where I get my daily dose of happiness in Belisi’s peaceful environment.