Our School Horses



stud name: Nilton Rhosyn

Alvie is a 11.1hh gorgeous grey Welsh Pony, who came from the Nilton Park Stud in Tarrawingee, Victoria. Even though this little lady can be a bit cheeky sometimes, she's is a favourite with our little riders. She loves cuddles and definitely won't say no to a carrot!

Birthday - 19 September 2012



stud name: Amaranda Tearful

Chino is a 12.3hh beautiful buckskin Welsh pony. She is a lovely girl who is perfect for beginners to learn to trot on, but also for the intermediate riders. She may seem slow in beginner lessons, but don't let her fool you once she gets going she is heaps of fun to ride!

Birthday - 14 October 2010



stud name: Caralea Virgil

Dash is a 14.1hh grey Connemara Pony. Being Flash's half-brother he also came from the Caralea Connemara Stud. He is a lovely boy who can be a bit on the lazy side, but once he gets going he’s great. Like Flash, Dash is also suitable for the nervous rider due to his gentle and kind nature.

Birthday - 28 September 2012

Treeba school horse.JPG


stud name: Nilton Minson

Treeba is a 11.2hh chestnut Welsh Pony, who like Alvie also came from th e Nilton Park Stud. Treeb’s is not only a favourite with our younger riders, but even our adult riders make sure to give him a cuddle him when he's in the yards. How can you not love him?!

Birthday - 13 October 2006



stud name: Nilton Spirit

Spirit is a 12.3hh bay Welsh Pony who also came from the Nilton Park Stud. He's a forward-moving boy who tries his heart out with everything you ask him to do. He loves cuddles and he wins over any person by putting his cute nose in their face!

Birthday - 20 October 2011

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 12.36.05 pm.png


Willow is a 15hh bay Standardbred.

She's one of the sweetest horses you will ever meet. She has such a gentle soul.

Willow tries her heart out with everything you ask her to do and any rider that has ridden her in lessons loves her.

Birthday - 1 August 2013

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 12.35.09 pm.png


Doug is 16.1hh bay Standardbred. He's a really sweet boy that tries his hardest with everything you ask him to do. He mainly gets used for experienced riders - he has basic dressage and is a fabulous jumper! On trail rides, he's a real champ as he is not fazed by anything.

Birthday - 1 August 2005

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 11.15.00 am.png


stud name: Nilton Malku

Monty is a 12.2hh handsome chestnut Welsh pony with a flaxen mane and tail. Like Spirit, he also came from Nilton Park Stud. He's a very smart pony who sometimes likes to try out his riders however once you win him over, he's such a champion. Dressage, jumping, games - he is good at everything!

Birthday - 10 September 2011



stud name: Mithril Rochester

Ricoh is a 13.1hh grey Welsh Pony from Mithril Welsh Pony Stud in Victoria. He's a sweet boy that's always up for anything and loves jumping. He is perfect for intermediate and above riders. Funny fact: He is named after the Japanese rugby team, how cool!

Birthday - 11 October 2012

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 12.36.19 pm.png


Duncan is a 15.1hh bay Clydesdale x Cob.

He is a sweet boy with a beautiful temperament who is always up for anything and tries very hard to please his rider.

Being a Clydie cross he is nice and solid - perfect for bigger riders.

Birthday - 1 August 2012



Hugo is a 16.2hh chestnut Thoroughbred with a flaxen mane and tail.

He's a sweetheart who loves a good cuddle. He has a willing nature and is not fazed by anything.

Birthday - 11 August 2013

Frankie 1 school horse.jpg


Frankie is a 12.2hh chestnut Welsh x Riding Pony. He's a bit more forward moving than the other ponies, therefore, he gets mostly used for riders who can trot by themselves. He loves going around a jump course and is a little champion when it comes to barrel races and games. He’s a real sook when it comes to getting attention.

Birthday - 1 August 2011



stud name: Caralea Flash

Flash is a 14.1hh grey Connemara Pony who came from Caralea Connemara Stud in Victoria. He's the perfect school pony. Slow for beginners, but nice and forward for intermediate/experienced riders. With his sweet nature, he is also a great confidence builder for the nervous rider.

Birthday - 5 December 2012



Dolly is a 15.3hh bay Clydesdale x Warmblood.

She is the perfect school horse for beginners/intermediate/ experienced riders. Everyone who rides her loves her. Her willing nature makes her a great horse to learn anything on, especially the basics of dressage.

Birthday - 1 August 2011