Our Story

This is me, Jen - I look forward to welcoming you at Belisi soon!

This is me, Jen - I look forward to welcoming you at Belisi soon!

It all started when…

We purchased a small cattle farm just outside of Wagga Wagga in the Riverina in 2007. It had two large paddocks and two cattle yards. We named our farm Belisi, which means "peaceful man" in Tok Pisin - one of the three national languages of Papua New Guinea.

At the time our eldest daughter was nine years old and was loving her riding. Being on a hill there wasn't a lot of flat ground so we decided to put in an arena. Her riding coach at the time said "this property would be perfect for horse agistment and a riding school" so from 2011 Belisi slowly evolved into what we have today.

Over the years we have added paddocks, horse shelters, riding facilities, school horses, safety vests, safety stirrups and planted over 1,000 trees!

It was our four year old daughter who named our first school horse which was also her first pony - Treeba!! Treeba is now one of 15 school horses that have been carefully chosen for their beautiful temperaments. They are extremely well cared for and receive regular training to maintain a high standard of education.

I rode throughout my childhood and early adult life. My parents weren't horsey at all so apart from sharing a passion for horses with my grandfather I was self-taught and did lots of "hooning" around the paddocks!! As a mum watching my own children ride I understand the importance of safety and that riding should be fun!

We are blessed with a wonderful team of people at Belisi who have a genuine love of horses and possess the gift of imparting their knowledge onto our clients. For this reason, in 2018 Belisi expanded to include a range of Wellbeing Programs suitable for children, adults, schools, workplace and many others including those with a physical or mental disability.  

It brings me joy to see our Wellbeing Programs playing a pivotal role in the health and wellbeing of members of our community across the Riverina.

With such breathtaking views of Wagga and the surrounding region from the top of the hill, we decided it would be lovely to share the quiet serenity of Belisi with others - hence the construction of the first of four luxury farmstay cottages built from recycled shipping containers which welcomed its first guests in early 2019.

It gives me great pleasure to watch Belisi continue to evolve in a way that we are able to share such unique experiences with you.