School Groups


Belisi Equine Park offers specialised wellbeing programs for School children and community groups in Wagga Wagga and across the Riverina.  The programs are the perfect group activity, end of term reward, PDHPE sport elective, after school care activity or vacation care activity.

The programs have been developed to promote skills such as building positive relationships, increasing self confidence, understanding nonverbal communication, improving emotional regulation, and demonstrating responsibility and empathy for others in order to increase independence in their role as a student and as a growing individual.

Designed to work in accordance with each school’s core values and vision, the goal of this program is not just to be another extra-curricular activity. Instead, our aim is to work in tandem with schools, and support the socio-emotional development of the students.

The program is comprised of three main components: stable management, “free play” activities with horses in a paddock and discussions. While these three components are separate, they share a unified goal, which is to stimulate and develop the child’s innate sense of companionship, empathy, responsibility, confidence and effective teamwork.

Riding can also be incorporated depending on group numbers and the ages of the children. There is an additional charge for this component.

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Belisi horses can come to you!

Our ‘Horses Visiting Your School Workshops’ are perfect for schools who would like to offer a short, but highly effective workshop to larger groups of students, over the course of a day. The program is suitable for all children aged between 5-16 years and is tailored to meet the specific needs of each group.

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